Live cell imaging of virus infection and replication

People ask me to show dynamics of our autofluorescent viruses in living cells. Here you go. Human epithelial cells were infected with our ANCHOR tagged adenovirus (green dots) and bearing a replication center marker (purple). Stack of images were acquired immediately after infection every 10 min for 48h. This virus has been designed in collaboration with Dr. Harald Wodrich from the University of Bordeaux. Using our ANCHOR system, we can easily visualize the full choreography of adenovirus replication in living cells. We can do the same kind of imaging and quantification with all DNA viruses, oncolytic products, plasmids or gene therapy/vaccine vectors. For more information:


ANCHOR patent granted in the US

Very proud to announce that our technology has been patented in the US. The patent describing the use of the ANCHOR system to visualize and control DNA expression in living cells has been granted under number N°US9611486.

Inserted into the viral DNA, the ANCHOR system triggers its self-detection, each viral DNA forming a fluorescent focus under the microscope (green dots in the picture). Therefore, virus infection and propagation is directly visualized in living cells without fixation, extraction or reagents. For information and request of use:

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NeoVirTech starts a collaboration with Transgene SA

NeoVirTech SAS, a biotechnology company developing autofluorescent viruses to decipher viral infection in vivo and to detect and measure antiviral activities started a collaboration with Transgene SA, a biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering and developing targeted immunotherapies for the treatment of cancer and infectious diseases. Combination of NeoVirTech’s technology with Transgene products provides an unprecedented way to understand and control viral infection directly using microscopy imaging.