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Evaluating drug performance, finding tomorrow's blockbusters

Drug discovery

We are expert in the discovery of antiviral molecules using imaging techniques.

Since its inception in 2014, NeoVirTech has screened thousands of compounds for their potency as antiviral molecule on the human, animal and Biodefense market.

Our discovery pipeline, from rapid investigation of compound libraries to in vivo testing in infected animals, coupled to our experience in the antiviral field, is the best combination for the success of our customer.

NeoVirTech has successfully closed multiyear antiviral screening and optimization campaign for public agencies and private companies.

Our custom R&D platform specialized in the virology field propose several level of compound testing. We can support you in the development of your antiviral molecules, from compound screening to in vivo validation:

Antiviral discovery

Virus replication NeoVirtech

Our ANCHOR™ viruses are available for high-throughput imaging and screening, making it a major tool for antiviral research and development. Combined with HCS microscopy and detection algorithm, it provides the fastest and the most robust techniques to discover new antivirals.

This allows us to rapidly set up the entire pre-clinical antiviral development pipeline:

Professor Syed Haq
It gives me great pleasure in writing a testimonial about our company's experience of Neovirtech. During the COVID Pandemic, a time of extraordinary upheaval globally, we engaged the contract research services of Neovirtech, following recommendation, to specifically examine a number of our platform recombinant products against SARS-CoV-2 and a number of the more recently described variants in their state of the art Biosafety Level 3 Laboratory. From the design, implementation, troubleshooting, quality assurance, speed of deliverables and standard of work, we have been utterly impressed by every aspect of their professionalism and communication during at least 12 months of continuous work on several of our projects. The entire team is to be commended, with particular mention of their CEO Franck Gallardo, who is outstanding. I have worked with many in the scientific field of academia and drug discovery from Imperial College, Harvard and Tufts Universities, as well as countless CROs spanning over twenty years, and as such, I can say without reservation that Neovirtech are one of the best. It is no surprise that they are regularly nominated and win innovation awards on a national stage.
Professor Syed Haq
MBBS BSc PhD MRCP(UK) CEO/CMO and Founder of BioImmunitas Ltd UK
Dr Daniel Gillet
We are developing inhibitors of intracellular trafficking pathways that block virus entry into cells. NeoVirTech’s technology allows for precise ranking of sets of analogues according to their antiviral potencies and selectivity indexes. Working with NeoVirTech was a great experience. Preparatory discussions were rich and efficient, adaptation of protocols to our needs was very successful, antiviral screening of our molecules was done rapidly, and activity reports were clear and informative. The team was always available to answer our questions. We warmly recommend NeoVirTech for the screening and potency assessment of antiviral molecules on designated viruses.
Dr Daniel Gillet
Frédéric Joliot Institute for Life Sciences, CEA Paris Saclay
Thursday, August 31, 2017
Enrique Tabares, CEO of MicroA A.S., Norway
Neovirtech have carried out several anti-viral studies for MicroA, on a range of targets. Both before and after the studies, we were impressed with their quick responses to our queries, very thorough technical approach and their support in data interpretation. Many thanks to the Neovirtech team for their hard work!
Enrique Tabares
CEO of MicroA A.S., Norway
Thursday, August 31, 2017