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Orthopoxviruses ANCHOR™


Orthopoxviruses are large enveloped virus, with a genome consisting of linear double-stranded DNA of 170 to 250 kilobases. Replication is strictly cytoplasmic


Pathogenic, can induce severe diseases in humans from variola virus (VARV virus eradicated in the 80s thanks to vaccination) to zoonotic monkeypox or cowpox virus..
  • Antivirals : Brincidofovir, Tecovirimat, Metisazone
HeLa cells infected with VacV-ANCHORTM, MOI 0.1, 48h PI, Cell Insight CX7 HCS System, ThermoFisher Scientific


Our Vaccinia virus (VacV) is combined with our ANCHORTM technology. This allows us to easily visualize viral infection and replication in high throughput imaging, making this virus an excellent tool. VacV-ANCHOR allows the discovery or repositioning of active antiviral molecules but also fundamental research on its biology. A Cowpox-ANCHOR virus is under development.