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Fluorescent virus for antiviral discovery & measurement of disinfection processes


Construction of autofluorescent vector and viruses for human and animal

NeoVirTech has developed a breakthrough technology to directly visualize and quantify in real time virus/viral vector infection and replication in living cells: the ANCHOR™ technology.

Several studies can be developed such as antiviral testing, inactivation solution testing or the development of decontamination devices (UV, ozone…) on different supports: cell lines, live human skin explants, surfaces (stainless steel, tissues, masks…) or even with materials that have a direct biocidal activity. We can test also your own material on request (fabric, leather, etc…).

We are constantly innovating to find the most appropriate solution to provide our customer state of the art virology testing.

Technology NeoVirtech

ANCHOR™ tagged viruses

Any viruses having a dsDNA phase can be tagged with ANCHOR™. Here you will find a list of viruses available for immediate use. We annually expand this collection with new viruses to quickly respond to human or veterinary threat.

Your virus of interest is not in this list? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will find a solution!


Non-ANCHOR™ tagged viruses

We work on other non-ANCHOR tagged viruses on request.

As the ANCHOR system is not suitable to tag RNA viruses, we use classical virology readouts such as high throughput quantification of cytopathic effect, TCID50 or qPCR. Other readouts such as high throughput immunofluorescence are also available for some viruses.

Pr. Claude Gros
Chemistry of porphyrins and corroles is at the heart of our research activities. With more than 25 years of expertise in macrocyclic chemistry (, we had several hundred porphyrin and corrole derivatives in our laboratory, mainly dyes or molecular probes developed for health applications that we were looking to develop. We were interested in testing the activity of these compounds in the anti-infectious domain. NeoVirTech was immediately responsive for this project, and with high professionalism, completely met our needs. Their expertise in screening and the speed and quality of the generated data led us to rapidly identify 3 hit compounds in our library as new inhibitors of hCMV as well as pox-viruses. These results were recently published in ACS Infectious Diseases (2 articles) and RSC Med Chem (2 back-to-back articles). 2 patents were also co-filed. Without the help and the strong expertise of NeoVirTech, it would not have been possible to rapidly test and value our library and valorize our work so quickly! It opens new perspectives to our research activities. Many thanks to NeoVirTech for this very efficient and precious collaboration!
Pr. Claude Gros
Institut de Chimie Moléculaire de l'Université de Bourgogne
Thursday, August 31, 2017
Dr. Philippe Erbs
Transgene SA is a biopharmaceutical company developing for more than 30 years innovative targeted-immunotherapies to answer unmet medical needs in the oncology and infectious disease fields. We were looking for a rapid and efficient solution to investigate the behavior of our products using high-resolution quantitative microscopy. NeoVirTech’s autofluorescence technology and screening platform allowed us to precisely visualize, understand and compare the behavior of our products directly using live cell microscopy techniques. The beauty and quality of the data they can generate open a new perspective for our activities, boosting up our research and validation processes. Thank you NeoVirTech for this ongoing precious collaboration.
Dr. Philippe Erbs
Oncolytic Virus Department. Transgene S.A, Illkirch Graffenstaden, France
Thursday, August 31, 2017