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NeoVirTech recognized as Top 10 Drug Discovery & Development EU Companies

In May 2019, NeoVirTech has been recognized by Pharma Tech Outlook Magazine as Top 10 Drug Discovery & Development Consulting/Services Companies in Europe.

This annual listing highlights 10 companies that are “at the forefront of providing drug discovery and development consulting services and impacting the industry”.

NeoVirTech is very proud of this new achievement, thanks to our cutting-edge antiviral discovery and virus imaging services.

“This achievement is a pride for the team, highlighting all the hard work that has been done so far.” says Franck Gallardo, PhD, CEO of NeoVirTech.

Read the full article in Pharma Tech Outlook Magazine here.

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NeoVirTech achieves its objectives on a two year R&D program

NeoVirTech closes a 2 year research program with financial support from the 2016 I-Lab Contest by Bpifrance, in the category creation-development. This program aimed at developing autofluorescent veterinary viruses to discover new generation antivirals. The molecules identified thanks to this program are now entering clinical phase. We thank BPI for their support in this project!


NeoVirTech is in the spotlight of Journal of Virology

Following several years of development of the ANCHOR technology, we are very proud to publish two bact-toback articles investigating real time infection of herpes viruses and adenoviruses. Both articles have been highligthed in the spotlight. They are in open acces, you can freely read them here:

image com miguel

Generation of autofluorescent baculoviruses

NeoVirTech announces the generation of autofluorescent baculoviruses and the corresponding patent protection. Following collaboration with Dr Miguel Lopez-Ferber from the IMT Mines Alès, NeoVirTech has validated autofluorescent ANCHOR tagging of an insect virus for imaging and screening applications. Several autofluorescent baculoviruses have been generated allowing live cell tracking of virus genomes dynamics and replication, from single cells to organism. This achievement provides a new rapid and efficient tool to investigate bacculovirus biology, these viruses being used as gene transfer vectors, biopesticide or biomimetic of extremely dangerous pathogens. To know more about what the ANCHOR system can do, contact us at To know more about IMT Mines Alès: