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The ANCHOR system achieves a new performance by visualizing HIV1 retrotranscription and integration in living cells. Results are published in Journal of Virology

Our collaborator, Dr Francesca Di Nunzio lab at the Pasteur Institute, has realized this breakthrough: “We are very excited to be able to visualize the pre-integration complex and the fate of the HIV1 genome in living cells. The ANCHORTM technology is for us the state of the art technology allowing for the first time thorough investigation of HIV1 biology and response to antiviral treatment directly in living cells. The technology is the only one compatible with CLEM (correlative light-electron microscopy) to dissect the ultrastructural structure of the HIV1 particle. The fact that the ANCHORTM technology does not modify HIV1 virus biology offers an unprecedented view of the dynamics of this virus in living cells”.

Francesca Di Nunzio Ph.D, Pasteur Institute, Paris, France.


This application to retrovirus biology follows our proof of concept with GEG Tech where we have been able to visualize the fate of ANCHORTM tagged autofluorescent LentiOneTM lentivirus genome upon transduction of cells in real time.


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Autofluorescent African Swine Fever Virus tagged with ANCHOR

We are very proud to announce that in collaboration with Dr Ali Alejo Herberg from the Centro de Investigación en Sanidad Animal (CISA-INIA) and  Dr. Germán Andrés from the Centro de Biología Molecular “Severo Ochoa” (CSIC-UAM), we are able for the first time to visualize African swine fever virus infection and replication directly in living cells. This ASFV contains the ANCHOR system and is therefore autofluorescent. Another example of the power of our technology to investigate rapidly the behavior of deadly viruses and find efficient countermeasures.

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Collaboration NeoVirTech Sayens

Long term collaboration on new generation antivirals between NeoVirTech and French TTO Sayens

NeoVirTech announces its collaboration with the French Technology Transfer Accelerator Office SAYENS to develop and optimize a new generation of broad spectrum antivirals for human and animal health.

Origin of the project

This project begins with the discovery of nitroccoroles as anti-herpes molecule in a first screening campaign in collaboration between NeoVirTech and ICMUB (UMR CNRS 6302, uB, Dijon), highlighted by the July 2015 ACS Infectious Disease cover. These compounds are commonly used as ligands for metal complexes but never for their potential anti-viral properties. First generation compounds displayed promising antiviral activity in vitro.


ACS Infectious Disease 2015

An agreement to foster innovation

SAYENS, a French Technology Transfer Accelerator Office is dedicated to detect and invest into the best research project for potential industrialization ; and NeoVirTech, a French biotechnology company focusing its activity on antiviral discovery and virus/viral vector imaging, now enter into an agreement to develop second and third generation antiviral compounds. Backed by the Chemistry Group of Prof. C. P. Gros from ICMUB and the Medicinal/Pharmaceutical school (uB), this collaboration already led to the generation of more than 200 variants and optimized antivirals with new mechanism of action, nM activity with selectivity indexes over 500. Optimized compounds did not display any toxicity in vivo and are active on a large variety of dsDNA viruses, leading to 2 international patents fillings. Optimized variants are not only highly potent, they are also very simple to synthesize with a “one to two step” reaction. Upscaling is therefore made easier. On a multibillion dollar market such as the infectious disease market, new molecules offer a promising return on investment.


“We are very proud to be involved in this project that will lead to the generation of new antiviral compounds that have broad spectrum activity, which are still lacking in the field. With current outbreaks of several viruses impacting human and animal health, such as Ebola and African Swine Fever respectively, there is an urgent need to develop new antivirals with innovative mechanism of action. NeoVirTech engage its expertise to achieve this goal.” 

Franck Gallardo, CEO NeoVirTech SAS


“We have decided to engage a significant investment in this project based on its future economic potential and high value for human and animal health. Working with an expert in antiviral evaluation, such as NeoVirTech, insure us the suitable way to develop our technology with best chances of success.” 

Catherine Guillemin, CEO of SAYENS 


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Investigating the disinfection potential of uvoji LED UV irradiator using ANCHOR tagged viruses

Very proud to announce that we have successfully achieved a proof of concept with our collaborator T.Zic, a company providing LED UV water disinfection system at the point of use. Using a collection of our ANCHORTM viruses, we have demonstrated the efficiency of the uvojiTM UV irradiator to inactivate a large variety of human viruses. This is another example of the application of our technology that open the way for precise measurement of water disinfection system on human viruses.


showcase T-Zic-NVT

Top 10 Drug Discovery

NeoVirTech recognized as Top 10 Drug Discovery & Development EU Companies

In May 2019, NeoVirTech has been recognized by Pharma Tech Outlook Magazine as Top 10 Drug Discovery & Development Consulting/Services Companies in Europe.

This annual listing highlights 10 companies that are “at the forefront of providing drug discovery and development consulting services and impacting the industry”.

NeoVirTech is very proud of this new achievement, thanks to our cutting-edge antiviral discovery and virus imaging services.

“This achievement is a pride for the team, highlighting all the hard work that has been done so far.” says Franck Gallardo, PhD, CEO of NeoVirTech.

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NeoVirTech achieves its objectives on a two year R&D program

NeoVirTech closes a 2 year research program with financial support from the 2016 I-Lab Contest by Bpifrance, in the category creation-development. This program aimed at developing autofluorescent veterinary viruses to discover new generation antivirals. The molecules identified thanks to this program are now entering clinical phase. We thank BPI for their support in this project!